Watch Our Webinar: Five Key Considerations for Your 2022 Fundraising Event

As we close the books on 168 fundraising events for our team in 2021, what have we learned?

Our team only offers a few webinars each year. We get busy in the focused work of each fundraising season but then take time to reflect, hone our practices and strategies, and share them with our clients, partners, and friends. In short, this is your chance to learn!

We held a webinar on December 9th. Did you miss it? No problem. Watch the recording. (Access Passcode: KBbQ^Tv5)

You’ll hear about the five key considerations for your 2022 fundraising event and the case studies behind them, presented by team members Glen Fladeboe, Kristin Kroll, Stacey McCurnin, Kate Pearce, and Kimberly Proffitt. While addressing virtual, hybrid, and in-person events, our team shared:

  1. The strength of small(er) in-person events
  2. Creating and cultivating a strong advocate team
  3. Using stewardship to ignite and deepen donor relationships
  4. Using the live auction as a tool for mission-based giving

Watch the recording at:

Access Passcode: KBbQ^Tv5

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