Benefit Auctions and Fund-a-Needs to Inspire Giving

Fladeboe Advancement understands the art and science of planning and conducting live benefit auctions and fund-a-needs (also known as mission moments, paddle raises, and direct giving moments). We partner with you to make your live auction and fund-a-need run smoothly, reach financial goals and leave guests feeling great about your mission.

• Our professional auctioneer conducts your live auction and fund-a-need
• A dedicated event consultant guides you through extensive pre-planning
• We offer a post-event recap and recommendations for your next event

Live Benefit Auctions

Whether coordinating a live auction for the first time or wanting to take yours to the next level, we’ll share best practices and design strategies that inspire guests to raise their paddles for your mission.

  • Scripting a well-timed program
  • Using program elements to set the stage for fundraising
  • Crafting an appealing and diverse list of auction items
  • Developing a strategic selling order for auction items

Fund-a-Need Giving

A fund-a-need is the most important fundraising moment of your event. It connects audiences directly to your mission and has the potential to quickly raise thousands of dollars. Our years of hands-on experience will guide you in making this moment successful.

  • Developing a clear and concise message about the need
  • Determining the ideal person to deliver the message
  • Setting attainable revenue goals
  • Using tools such as a match to encourage giving
  • Efficiently capturing pledges for a quick check-out

Why Fladeboe Advancement

It takes a skilled team of professionals to effectively plan and conduct live auctions and fund-a-needs. Our team’s collective experience covers live auctions of all sizes, for a wide range of nonprofits, in a multitude of settings.

We know what it takes to conduct a successful live fundraising auction.

The goal is not just to sell items, but to also instill passion for your mission in the audience.

If the audience is having fun, chances are you will have a successful live auction.

Professional auctioneers know how to keep the pace lively and interact with audiences in a fun and comfortable manner.

An experienced team will guide you toward what works and what doesn’t.

We can tell you why some items sell better than others and help you set attainable (and even exceed‐able) bidding goals.

Fund-a-Needs have their own set of best practices.

Timing, psychology and communication influence the success of giving moments. We’ve studied this extensively and will put our expertise to work for you.

The live auction and fund-a-need are just one piece of a much larger picture.

We thoughtfully evaluate the overall event experience and develop strategies to maximize giving by focusing on your mission.

What Our Clients Say

“The Fladeboe Advancement team has been a cornerstone partner in developing solid core strategies for fundraising with our special events.  Through their consultation and assistance, we’ve been able to maximize our fundraising efforts in several key markets and have elevated the level of sophistication of our program and event experience for our attendees.  In particular, our Fund the Mission has grown significantly in dollars raised and in dollars acquired through new donors as a result of our partnership with the Fladeboe Advancement team. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a true professional partner in the benefit auctioneer space.”


What Our Clients Say

“For years I had the pleasure of watching Fladeboe Advancement expertly lead the live auction for Minnesota Independence College and Community, an organization for which I am proud to serve on the board. As the chief development officer of a nonprofit in New York City, this year I sought Fladeboe’s counsel to reimagine what might be possible for our own annual gala, as a result of steep growth in our revenue goals. The Fladeboe Advancement team thoughtfully analyzed the historical returns of our text-to-pledge drive and helped us strategically craft a live pledge drive that was mission-aligned and masterfully executed. We more than doubled donor participation as well as the total raised that night, helping us to exceed our target. The team brings great integrity to the partnership, matched by their deep expertise and investment in your success.”


What Our Clients Say

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Glen and Fladeboe Advancement a number of times. In fact, I have moved 1,500 miles away and am flying him to town for my next event here in San Francisco! Glen brings his whole self to the table. He is authentic, kind, supportive, professional, creative, effective and audiences just LOVE him— and show their support accordingly!”