Building Engaged and Generous Communities

A strong and vibrant community of supporters is key to a successful nonprofit. Whether you’re planning a fundraising event or interested in a separate consulting project, we’re here to help you build a generous community of supporters that will help you raise more money to further your mission’s impact.

• Finding and keeping donors requires an authentic connection to your mission
• Engaging donors and supporters fosters deeper relationships
• Cultivating loyal donors inspires them to give generously and invite others to do the same

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Ambassador Program Development

Harnessing the passion of current supporters to inspire passion and generosity in others

  • Empowering supporters to share their stories and amplify your messages
  • Generating enthusiasm and excitement for organizational efforts
  • Sharing tools ambassadors can use in communications and outreach

Building A Culture of Generosity

Today’s financial outcomes and cultivating tomorrow’s givers are both important 

  • Coaching boards and key supporters on the strategies behind seed and match gifts
  • Fostering a mindset of “everyone can play a role in fundraising”
  • Developing cohesive, mission-forward event/campaign messaging that inspires giving
  • Creating an event/campaign experience that is positive, relevant, and memorable for everyone

Donor Stewardship and Engagement

When donors feel appreciated and understand the difference their giving makes, it leads to better retention, increased donations, and engagement beyond giving.

  • Developing strategies for ongoing donor communications and touchpoints
  • Creating surveys and insight panels to better understand the motivations, interests, and identity of donors
  • Identifying key donor segments and creating targeted messaging and outreach strategies

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Why Fladeboe Advancement

We are committed to seeing nonprofits thrive for the long-term.

Our team brings expertise and passion to every project.  The art and science of donor engagement and the psychology of giving are the base from which we work.  The thousands of events we’ve conducted give us valuable insights we can use to enhance your supporter relationships and the success of your events and other fundraising efforts.

  • Deep understanding of best practices and trends in the larger giving environment
  • Experience with and observations of hundreds of clients
  • Expertise in both strategy and execution
  • In-depth data analysis, discovering the meaning behind the data

What Our Clients Say

“We hired Fladeboe Advancement to do a deep analysis of giving at our annual gala to help us strategically grow support for the organization. The information provided enabled us to better understand our strengths and areas of opportunity, develop strategies for expanding our pool of donors, and build more meaningful relationships with our supporters. We found their team to be professional, knowledgeable, and enjoyable to work with.”


What Our Clients Say

“The deep analysis of our donor base that Fladeboe Advancement conducted helped us not only get a better understanding of our donors and their giving patterns, but also helped us identify the critical next steps for donor engagement. Fladeboe’s unique professional experience provided us insight into the emotions of our donors as well as the necessary strategic planning to move forward. The information they uncovered allowed us to design a strategic donor engagement plan, resulting in meaningful relationships and an expanded donor base. It was a huge jumping off point for our development department.”


What Our Clients Say

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Fladeboe Advancement for the last several years through a partnership around our annual gala and beyond. Thanks to their support, we’ve seen continued growth across all key indicators for our event. Their expertise around messaging, strategic giving and industry best practices has helped keep our event engaging and led to deeper relationships with our guests and donors. At our most recent gala, we raised over $800,000 in part due to our expanded partnership with Fladeboe. Their advanced analytics work and recommendations for further engagement with guests led to a greater number of returning guests and increased giving at all levels. We’ve also seen a greater number of event donors make annual fund gifts year-over-year. I would highly recommend Fladeboe Advancement if you’re looking to increase fundraising at your event and deepen engagement with your guests and donors for the long haul.”