Engagement Strategies that Cultivate and Retain Donors

Meaningful engagement helps you find new donors and retain more of your current donors. By creating stronger connections, you build deeper relationships. And stronger relationships lead to sustainable, supported organizations.

• Communication matters, and organizations doing an A+ job find and retain more donors
• Understanding data helps you strategically focus time and efforts
• Being donor-centric is no longer optional, it’s a must

Communications Consulting

Great communication is the cornerstone of donor engagement. We’ll help you think through the most effective strategies to deliver meaningful, mission-focused messages that inspire new donors to give and increase retention among current donors.

  • Donor thank-you and outreach plans
  • On-going, outcome-based reporting to donors
  • Cultivation plans and tools

Giving Analyses

What does your giving data reveal about your event and donors? A deep-dive into your data offers insights that can inform strategies for future events and engagement efforts.

  • In-depth analyses of giving patterns and trends
  • Recommendations for key metrics to measure performance
  • Benchmarking of results to those of similar organizations

Donor Insights

Knowing how much someone gave is one piece of the puzzle. Understanding the values and motivations that inspired that giving is another. Armed with this information, communication and outreach can be better tailored to individual donors.

  • Online donor surveys
  • Conversational donor interviews
  • Donor segmentation

Why Fladeboe Advancement

We are committed to seeing nonprofits thrive for the long-term. Our team brings expertise backed-up with passion for the work to every project.

We’ve studied and researched donor engagement for years.

The science behind giving and donor engagement is the base from which we work. Knowing best practices and trends and understanding the larger giving environment lets us think strategically.

We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

The art of donor engagement is our strength. Our experience with and observations of hundreds of clients has shown us what contributes to success. We want to share this with you.

We help you see the 30,000ft. view and execute at the 1,000ft. level.

The breadth and depth of our experience enables us to share long-term strategies and short-term tactics. We’ll help you reach your annual goals while building a foundation for lasting support.

What Our Clients Say

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Fladeboe Advancement for the last several years through a partnership around our annual gala and beyond. Thanks to their support, we’ve seen continued growth across all key indicators for our event. Their expertise around messaging, strategic giving and industry best practices has helped keep our event engaging and led to deeper relationships with our guests and donors. At our most recent gala, we raised over $800,000 in part due to our expanded partnership with Fladeboe. Their advanced analytics work and recommendations for further engagement with guests led to a greater number of returning guests and increased giving at all levels. We’ve also seen a greater number of event donors make annual fund gifts year-over-year. I would highly recommend Fladeboe Advancement if you’re looking to increase fundraising at your event and deepen engagement with your guests and donors for the long haul.”


What Our Clients Say

“The deep analysis of our donor base that Fladeboe Advancement conducted helped us not only get a better understanding of our donors and their giving patterns, but also helped us identify the critical next steps for donor engagement. Fladeboe’s unique professional experience provided us insight into the emotions of our donors as well as the necessary strategic planning to move forward. The information they uncovered allowed us to design a strategic donor engagement plan, resulting in meaningful relationships and an expanded donor base. It was a huge jumping off point for our development department.”


What Our Clients Say

“We hired Fladeboe Advancement to do a deep analysis of giving at our annual gala to help us strategically grow support for the organization. The information provided enabled us to better understand our strengths and areas of opportunity, develop strategies for expanding our pool of donors, and build more meaningful relationships with our supporters. We found their team to be professional, knowledgeable, and enjoyable to work with.”