Virtual & Hybrid Fundraising Events

Virtual and hybrid events have become a key tool for fundraising when fully in-person events are not preferable or supporters are widely distributed geographically. Our strength lies in thoughtful analysis of virtual and hybrid event giving patterns and the tactics that lead to results. In many cases, adding in a virtual component can result in more funds raised and a broader reach. We’ll guide you through the essential strategies to make your event campaign a success, no matter the chosen format.

• Optimal execution of virtual and hybrid events needs great strategy

• Extensive pre-event consulting is grounded in best practices for raising funds and building long-term relationships

• Professional auctioneer/host to generate momentum

Virtual Galas & Events

A virtual event relies on many of the same strategies that make a traditional event successful. Our team has partnered with nonprofits, schools, and foundations to create more than 250 virtual events in the past two years, making us one of the most experienced virtual fundraising event companies in the country. In planning for a virtual event campaign, we’ll guide you through:

    • Developing a concise message highlighting your needs and impact
    • Engaging supporters as partners in promoting the event
    • Creating a short, entertaining and mission-focused program
    • Elevating giving through lead gifts and matches
    • Communicating event essentials via multiple channels

    Hybrid Galas & Events

    A hybrid event combines the benefits of an in-person gathering with the reach and inclusivity of a virtual event. The outcome can be greater reach and exposure for the organization’s mission and greater fundraising potential as you share your message “outside the room”. In planning for a hybrid event campaign, we’ll guide you through:

      • Developing a concise message highlighting your needs and impact
      • Engaging supporters as partners in promoting the event
      • Creating a short, entertaining and mission-focused program that considers both the in-person and virtual guest perspective
      • Elevating giving through lead gifts and matches from both in-person and virtual attendees
      • Planning for simple live-stream support that benefits all guests

      Benefits of an Auctioneer/Host

      An auctioneer serves as host and guide for viewers, elevating participation and gift size.

      • Builds energy and excitement
      • Creates a compelling lead-in to the fund-a-need
      • Describes and provides context for key auction items

      Experience a Virtual Event

      During the Feed My Starving Children virtual event, auctioneer Kristine Fladeboe-Duininck encouraged direct giving and promoted mission-based auction items. For the Wilder Foundation virtual gala, auctioneer Glen Fladeboe worked with a professional emcee and announced that over $100,000 had been pre-raised for Wilder.

      What Our Clients Say

      You and your team were invaluable when MICC went from a live event to virtual in less than 48 hours. What you learned working with us and input you have gathered from across the country will ensure the missions of organizations everywhere will be supported.”

      BEN LENTZ 

      What Our Clients Say

      “For years I had the pleasure of watching Fladeboe Advancement expertly lead the live auction for Minnesota Independence College and Community, an organization for which I am proud to serve on the board. As the chief development officer of a nonprofit in New York City, this year I sought Fladeboe’s counsel to reimagine what might be possible for our own annual gala, as a result of steep growth in our revenue goals. The Fladeboe Advancement team thoughtfully analyzed the historical returns of our text-to-pledge drive and helped us strategically craft a live pledge drive that was mission-aligned and masterfully executed. We more than doubled donor participation as well as the total raised that night, helping us to exceed our target. The team brings great integrity to the partnership, matched by their deep expertise and investment in your success.”


      What Our Clients Say

      “I have had the great pleasure of working with Glen and Fladeboe Advancement a number of times. In fact, I have moved 1,500 miles away and am flying him to town for my next event here in San Francisco! Glen brings his whole self to the table. He is authentic, kind, supportive, professional, creative, effective and audiences just LOVE him— and show their support accordingly!”